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Shapewear for Hot Day and Enjoy Your Summer

The season of beach outings, breezy outfits, and sunshine is summer. Looking our best tends to be very important during this season. But for many, the thought of wearing shapewear doesn’t sound very appealing during summer. But for those who still want to wear it, the key to comfort is choosing the right designs, styles, and fabrics. 

Staying cool and fabulous all summer long can be achieved with the help of shapewear and sculpting swimsuit. We want to guide you in selecting the best pieces, so you can look amazing all summer long. 

The importance of fabrics used in shapewear

For shapewear created for summer, the fabric used is crucial. Old traditional shapewear tends to use heavy spandex fabrics, that not only cause discomfort but also can trap the heat. This is why, you need to look for pieces that are made with breathable and lightweight fabrics. 

These fabrics can be cotton blends. This is a natural fiber known for its breathability and also has moisture-wicking properties. This material will keep you cool and allow the air to circulate while absorbing sweat. 

Another fabric to consider is microfiber. This is a soft, breathable, and lightweight synthetic fabric. It will offer a smooth fit without adding any bulk. Ideal for hot weather. 

Consider a mix of nylon and spandex too. Spandex will provide stretch, and nylon moisture-wicking properties and durability. If the piece has a higher percentage of nylon it will offer a more comfortable fit. 

The best styles for summer

Choosing the right style of shapewear and shaper swimwear is essential to stay comfortable during summer. Some of the styles that are perfect for this season are the following: 

The first option is high-waisted shorts. They are perfect to be worn under skirts or dresses. They’ll smooth out your lower body and allow your legs to stay cool. Another option is light control slips. They will provide a smooth silhouette under dresses. They won’t provide the heavy compression that traditional shapewear does. 

Consider shaping camisoles too. They will smooth out the torso and keep the arms and legs free. They can be perfectly layered under light summer dresses or tops. Breathable bodysuits will offer full-body shaping. Look for designs that have mesh panels and are breathable 

And finally, waist cinchers will focus on the midsection. They will provide shaping and support and won’t cover the entire body. They’ll be less restrictive and feel more comfortable during hot weather. 

Some tips to wear shapewear during summer

Our first tip is to always choose the right size. This is not only a tip for summer but is useful for the whole year. Wearing shapewear that is too tight will increase sweating and cause discomfort. Select the correct size to avoid unnecessary heat buildup and being uncomfortable.

Make sure the garments have moisture-wicking features. Many modern shapewear pieces have moisture-wicking technology incorporated. They will draw away the sweat from the body and keep you comfortable and dry. 

Choose seamless designs as they will look better under clothes but also reduce friction and irritation during hotter days. Sometimes layers can help manage some heat. You’ll need to layer strategically. You can pair lightweight pieces with other breathable outer garments and allow proper airflow. 

And most importantly, avoid dark colors. They absorb more heat. Always choose lighter shades, especially if you are wearing light-colored summer outfits. 

Benefits of summer shapewear

There are many benefits, but one of the most important ones is the boost in confidence they provide. The right pieces won’t only enhance the silhouette, but they will for sure make you feel more comfortable and confident. 

You’ll also be getting posture support. Many pieces provide gentle compression and support. This encourages a better posture and it’s very beneficial for long summer events. 

Summer shapewear can also be a very multifunctional and versatile piece. As it can serve as inner or outerwear depending on the design and the style. And finally, it will smooth out the silhouette. It will allow your summer clothes to drape beautifully on your body. 


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